Friday, February 27, 2009
7:59 PM
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seriously man, This desktop sucks... awhile ago, I was typing/blogging about how
I've realized so many things and mesmerizing about the good times which I was about to post.
then suddenly my screen froze, and next time i know, it shut down by itself..!!
at that moment i was staring and wishing on how I can fix it so that I can destroy it!!!

Now, I lost my motivation about typing it, I want my LT back, those maintenance people are still fixing it for like one month already, how slow =_____= they should do their jobs regardless of your standard as a citizen People now a days are so sarcastic. =___=

Anyway, Im so happy today, imagining all the things that I can do!
yap.yap.!!~ heheheh..My classmates are preparing for their quarterly while I am rejoicing because I finished it last week... Good luck for them though, coz major subjects are so difficult, wish them so many luck and wise use of their brains.*smirked*

~~So, I received some news that I'll be going to Philippines next week.Not March 2.
My departure will be this March 7 at late afternoon :)
This is so unexpected coz my mom was hoping it will be tomorrow, but the embassy said there's some problems that needs to be solved..eee..it's very complicated, can't tell yah.

And I finished watching HANAKIMI JAPAN . it was so funny, & so so so like the 2 guys, Sano and Nakatsu and the dorm head no.2 ..oh~ I know i know, I'm just so slow,
but to be honest it was just an accident, yesterday at the middle of the night, I was so restless because I could'nt sleep and so decided to watch FATED TO LOVE YOU in mysouju?
anyway, when I clicked the title my computer hanged and I'd realized I clicked the wrong serie, it turned out it was HANAKIMI JAPAN which I momentarily liked.
I SO LOVE IT!!! Nakatsu!~he is really funny

I could almost Imagine what my friends would look like :))

< <----my friends preparing for the exam.

<----- while ME

ypiie hippie..
Wednesday, February 25, 2009
5:34 PM
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Okay, just so u know. I randomly picked my blog titles from my random mind.

Raichelles gave me gold choc. coins today :)
and a frame with our picx inside it :) so cute man.. *sniff* sniff*
thankkkyou Raichelles!! ^________^

& earlier this afternoon, Imee gave me A PAAANDA!!
yap..! :) I was so happy that I nearly chocked someone beside me which was laskshmi..hhehehe..lol.
& she also gave me a friendship bracelet :) which I am wearing today..
thaankyou Ahmmee..!

Oh~ and Im sorry if I dont have any pictures here, coz I dont want to hassle myself about
the complexity of upload & copy paste. :))

but anyway..thnkyoou lots to all my friends..

lol :))
Tuesday, February 24, 2009
1:58 PM
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So much to do so much to do!!!!!
seriously dhud. Im so so toast T____T
tomorrow is the deadline, & Im going crazy @_____@

okay.I have to remember this. Projects/act. to do:
-ENGLISh term paper (i already made it-but sum1 deleted my file from my USB)
-PHYSICS house
-FILIPINo complete test papers
-Compter questionnaire
-math notebook to be passed
-Computer project
-physics complete test papers
-Mapeh videos & music

This is so insane .. I swear not to play hide & seek tomorrow..
lol...We played hide & seek during lunch time, instead of doing my assignment..
Im so fickled sarcastic creature =_____=

okay. I gotta go.
& someone gave me a PAnda drawing today. its so cutee!~
Wish the camera was with me :))

Monday, February 23, 2009
7:57 AM
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I hate this day..
I went to JARIR bookstore today to claim my laptop,
& waited for like half an hour in their maintenance room,
and all i got was "Im sorry, but you have to wait nextweek"

UGhh waaaah1!!!!!!!! seriously man, Im just so pissed off..
They've been telling me that for 3 weeks already!!!!

first, they told me that they have to fix it.
then the next thing, they told me that the hard disk was still in Germany for
some process tsutsu ( which I didn't believe)

And now, I have to wait for one week more!?!?!?
they are so liars, its better if they'd told me that it will be ready
next year, then that would be okay for me..I mean..not entirely. but whatever.
You just can't trust maintenance people nowadays.. =___=


Some random weird facts about me
Thursday, February 19, 2009
7:29 PM
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1) I will get upset when someone is being mean to me, and eventually cry.

2) I can't ride a bike.

3) I CAN FEEL when someone is acting/being fake to me or not.

4) I will have an anxiety attack if someone is breathing too close to me.

5) I prefer to be alone when I am not in the mood.

6) I sleep at daytime because I have this disease (that is what I called it) of having nightmares
when I sleep at night.

7) I cannot lie big issues to someone, I get nervous & thought of different kinds of Karma.

8) For the longest time, I thought pineapples grew on trees.

9) I am socially awkward, but love attention.

10) I am completely responsible for the death of one baby rabbit.

11) I have the most fickle mind, you will ever encounter.

12) I have this tendency of talking/confessing about EVERYTHING when I drink too much Coke/drinks.

13) I think I am one heart sided.

14) I only have one crush since 4th grade and I still like him. :))

15) I hate messy places..and sometimes I end up cleaning things =___=

Monday, February 16, 2009
6:10 AM
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I didn't go to school today.coz we don't have classes.
& for the whole week they are all gonna probably practice their dance for this coming Friday.
& I as my usual self, i didn't join. :)

Well. Im starting to read some notes again coz next week will be my last Quarterly exam.
& weirdly Im not really stressed out :)

For the whole day, I actually spent most of the time thinking about my future.
then made some aromatic coffee & went to study for 1 hour 5 minutes and 22 seconds,
and took a break for 4 hours. :)

& finally finish my term paper about Akashic.. =__=
& Im really motivated ayt now.
So, I have to go to school tomorrow. :D
Smirky little topic..
Sunday, February 15, 2009
10:27 AM
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Honestly speaking, I know sometimes I am weird in many ways.
Such as randomly just of nowhere weird...
Well,..All I could say is... ..
well you know, I have nothing to comment about.

Ahmm...So on V-day...
Not that it's special or anything. I mean not in my particular reason :)
My sis gave my parents a V-day Flowers, & I told my sis to include my name in her V-card...
ehehehe :))

So, anyway. I kinda feel like talking/blogging here ..ahem..here it goes...

Not long ago, hmm..it's like 4 years ago.
I had or have this really huge crush to someone, I mean really~ if I can only see him
for a day, I could swear I can die happy :)) lol...
It started when we got the same computer in class, and I'm so very stubborn back then.
& I remembered when we got the same assigned computer, & we were like fighting and all,
the next thing I knew our faces are so close at each other, waaah!.. ( 0^^0)
I still remembered it...whooo~ & then his very very charming in his own ways,
We're not that close though, but we did talk~

Lol..I remembered when I forgot my DLA book & the rule was NO BOOK NO ENTRY,
so as usual, I cried =___= then he suddenly handed me his book...& for some reason,
I couldn't talk coz u ner, Im like frozen & couldn't look at him straight in the face =__=
so, I ran away..lol.. then afterwards I gave his book --not personally though, I put it in his desk.

& I remembered about the Foundation dance, & my partner was absent & told me not to say anything about his cutting classes, & because I am his neighbor I totally understand :)
So, anyway. he became my partner instead,(D) & I am like in cloud nine kilig moment. 0^^0
& hesistantly holding his hand, & Im like sweating badly, my head is sweating, my hands & even my foot, then he asked me why I was sweating when the air is not that hot..
& Im like "ahhmm..so?" *rolling my eyes*

uggh..I totally blurted it out, I didn't really mean it- then suddenly there lots I mean lots of leaves fell from the hills, coz we are kmters below from it -so, it's really like falling from the sky Its so wonderful-& weirdly picked some of it, & gave it to him.
then he said w/ a very cute way -"anu ako basura? =__=''
& then I paused and laughed, then he laughed & my other classmates laughed..
& we all started throwing leaves at each other-it was one of those moments ^^
haiiz..wanted to bring that moment again ^_______^

anyway, Then we graduated in gradeschool. there's lots of crying goin on, & especially me,
coz my friends & I will be going to be separated & of course D.. but I never got the chance to see him, & I went home early because my parents wanted me to. 0.0

That night I prayed that If I will ever see him again, I promised that Im going to tell him
how I felt about him ^^''
then one week before my departure to K.S.A. my friends called me that her friends friend's mother died, & have to go to funeral.

then, after the funeral, I went to our Librarian's house (we're close :) ]
& saw DJM there. & i totally feel like screaming the word OOOMMMMGGG!!
lol.guess what-- he & Miss librarian are neighbors...
& I whispered to myself :this is DESTINY. hahah :)) then I remembered my prayer bout telling him how I feel.
But unfortunately, I didn't. I swear I couldn't even look at him , how the heck Im going to tell him how I stupidly feel..haha.just so~ mission impossible.
& I went home.

Since then, I never saw him again. I asked my friends if he's still attending school there,
but they said he moved -just the same as I. & my friends doesn't know his where-abouts. T__T

I really wish to see him again~ his the only person I really liked in my whole life..lol.
& for some reason I kept dreaming about him.. sometimes :)
isn't that weird.

I really wish I could meet him again..
his really very mysterious, & his eyes...it's so calming, anime like eyes.
& he smell gooood :) & he knows how to play guitar, he talks politely, play sports,
tall, not friendly :)) & he is just him in many many reasons why I want to loveee him.
yeaa..keep dreaming me. but to be honest I dont really care, as long as I like him,
then it doesnt matter, & if probably I knew who his crush back then, maybe just maybe I woudn't like him this much.

bLaaah~ I should stop this already. BUHHBYE!
& I will personally haunt down everyone this coming friday.
sleepover is in the list. I really have to go before MArch strikes.